How to write a battle scene

But when it comes to battle scenes, this age-old phrase rings true. Show how they act and respond, especially in comparison to others who are fighting the same war. So think of your job not so much as having to meticulously choreograph the fight but rather to give the reader enough insight into the action that they can build the scene in their minds.

I sliced the knife over his meat, making gushes of blood spill out.

Novel Writing Advice: How to Write Battle Scenes

In The Princess BrideWilliam Goldman writes a brilliant sword fightand perhaps the most enjoyable fight scene ever put on paper: A medium-term goal is for men, dwarves and elves to unite and defeat the orcs and wargs in the Battle of Five Armies on the Lonely Mountain.

Thinking quickly, I pulled the sword out of the sand, charged for the enemy and punctured his stomach. I fell in one motion to the ground, and started to look for the gunman.

Otherwise, all you have is a bunch of people fighting for no good reason, regardless of how much bloody spectacle you slather on the page. Now I had to drag myself across the scene. Then we have shoot-outs, sword-fights, dog-fights and an endless inter-mingling of just about every form of combat real or imagined.

Each of these conflicts also advances the narrative. Let the reader choreograph your fight scene. Why is the arrival of the cavalry always such a great moment. Maybe today was indeed my day to die. A good method for keeping track of the scene as you write it is to draw a map showing the various sides of the battle before, during, at the end of your scene.

Vultures would have a feast with the bodies lain on the desert floor. Only vultures were flying high in the sky in order to find food. Combining internal and external conflict grounds the fighting in something relatable.

Shifting perspective is a key tool, here. The impact of a battle scene depends on how much the reader cares about the individuals in it. When the battle ends. With regards to the mechanics of writing battles I find there are two principal approaches: The ebb and flow of conflict should always be made as clear as possible, even if it means sacrificing your well-researched description of the correct formation for advancing pikemen.

Make every fight advance the plot No matter what you might think, violence is actually boring. So, without further thought, I dropped my sword and whipped out a small knife. Column by Sebastien de Castellwho had just finished a degree in archaeology when he started work on his first job.

Blood mixed with dirt, gritty, filthy dirt. The medium-term goal is the goal of the battle. Where was the shooter. There are a few exceptions. High stakes, high body count, and — if it is in space — really, really high up. First, the scene needs to be simple with the conflict understandable and easy for the reader to picture.

Maybe they thought the rock killed me. Now add to what he does, what he sees. Placing your character in the heart of the action requires a firm grasp of pace and description; lengthy paragraphs covering a single sword-fight are likely to have your reader skipping ahead.

In other words, help the reader to choreograph the fight so that you can spend your time on the drama. Half kneeling astride the wall he grasped both her arms in his, and began dragging her to him inch by inch, himself on the verge of falling.

He pulled him to his feet, almost tearing the collar… He heard the slight rasp of material ripping. Real battles are all about terrain; drawing a basic map could improve your plotting. What seemed like hundreds of narrow spears shot through the air, ultimately landing in the hearts of men.

Luke, the young teenage protagonist, goes off to war. You simply write what he does or does not do. Do the innocent bystanders just sit there or do they scramble to help?.

So i have attempted to use this guide to write my first battle scene i will actually use in a story if its ok i would love abit of feedback.

How To Write An Epic Battle Scene

[This scene has been removed by a moderator. Please don’t post entire scenes into comments. An epic battle scene is one of the hardest things to write, but there are some simple tips to keeping your reader's interest and delivering a pulse-pound.

A battle scene in a novel can be a very powerful and important element that, if done correctly, will define your protagonist—which is why we all need novel writing advice on. Here’s How To Write A Damn Good Fight Scene. January 21, by Robert Wood 55 Comments.

Here’s How To Write A Damn Good Fight Scene

Image: Matthew Loffhagen. Pin. Share. Tweet +1. So i have attempted to use this guide to write my first battle scene i will actually use in a story if its ok i would love abit of feedback. A battle scene can make or break an epic fantasy novel.

BLOOD SONG author Anthony Ryan shares his best tips for writing an effective battle scene. II. And remember, don’t just tell what’s happening around the battle as if you’re watching from a bird’s eye view.

Besides, you wouldn’t write about a bird flying over the battle if that bird’s existence wasn’t important. Keep your sentences shorter, (slip in a close call every once in a while or battlefield twist to give the impression of chaos) so that it can build tension and.

How to write a battle scene
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How To Write An Epic Battle Scene